Safety SDK

We want to make public transport stress-free and safe for everyone. Our objective is to transfer a part of our Bluetooth nearby technology, to protect anyone during their offline commute! That’s why we’re looking to integrate our Safety SDK with third-party apps. Imagine if you didn’t need to download BuckleUp App, if it was just a toggle within Google Maps, City Mapper, Candy Crush… We’re also talking to major transport providers about how they can improve public transport with design-led thinking and smart data.


Messaging SDK

BuckleUp Messages SDK makes sending and receiving messages simple, relying on proximity instead of requiring 4g/5g data or Wifi. Your app sends a message that can be received by one or more nearby devices. With our SDK your apps will be able to discover, connect to, and exchange data with nearby devices in real-time, regardless of network connectivity.Watch this Space.

Pricing options


$0 / mo

  • ~ 1000 MAU (Monthly Active Users)
  • Safety & Messaging SDKs
  • Bring a Friend: +500 MAU
  • Social Media Share: +100 MAU
Safety Messaging


Safety & Messaging SDKs: $99 / mo $600 / yr

Safety SDK: $100 / yr

  • ~10,000 MAU
  • Email Support (within 48 hrs)
Safety Messaging


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  • 10,000+ MAU
  • Customizable
  • Email + Skype Support
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